Sweet Senior Rescued

In Memory of Maggie
October 9, 2016
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December 10, 2016

An Update on Our Sweet Senior Rescue

"Red Letter Moments". Those moments when Life Wins.

I meant to post this last night, but fell asleep with my phone in my hand, it's been a long week and I'm tired, but very happy:) After 11 days, this sweet senior has finally turned the cornerđź’• You have no idea how special this video is.

This guy would eat nothing & was honestly one of the most challenging dogs I have ever had to feed & medicate. Our specialized medical cage, with a nebulizing unit, has made all the difference in the world, helping him to breathe easier. He was extremely critical & we honestly did not think, he was going to make it. But there is hope for him now, to have some quality of life, for however long or short that may be. He is Loved and will pass from this world in his own time, with dignity, as we all should have that choice, when it comes to our lives. I Believe in Love & the sanctity of Life.

That no one should ever take a Life needlessly & that Every Life Matters. Today is a good day! I am grateful for our donors, who make these life saving stories possible. Thank Youđź’• In case you missed previous posts & don't know this sweet old boy's story, I have posted it below.

"Mister Yogi Tobi" was found on the side of the road, in tall grass by a Good Samaritan, who almost didn't see the crate he was in. Shoved in a small carrier, with his dog bed, no one knows how long he was there, but the feces & urine were telling it had been some time. Emaciated, dehydrated, ataxic with multiple health issues, he was brought to animal control for care & in hopes to find the owner, to charge them with cruelty.

Nashville animal control stabilized him, providing initial veterinary care, but he was critical & needed specialized care. They called & asked if we could take this old guy into our program. We were lucky to be able to say yes on that day!

I am always grateful when animal controls care to call & go the extra mile. If you live in Nashville & want to help save lives, please become a volunteer of Nashville Metro Animal Control! They need more hands & hearts on board, for hundreds of homeless pets come in every week of the year.